Tuesday, November 27, 2012

late entry for thanksgiving

Well i have missed alot days on the 30 days of gratefulness.  But i am very Grateful for my son  and the opportunity to be his mommy.  He grows everyday and learns something new everyday he says or does something new. he is so smart and funny and cute.  Ok maybe i am just a little biased here.  So now we prepare for the upcoming holidays. but honey says no tree till December .

So i have been keeping busy making  images on my computer, I love bottle-cap images, invitations and greeting cards .  Am a great fan of Subway Art.  You can check out more of my work at Oopsey Daisy Dzigns.

But for tonight I am going to call this post to an end goodnight.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

now on a happier note today was my boyfriend stepdad 68th birthday!  it was an awesome birthday party family and my son loved playing with the other kids.  I made so cute photo booth props which were a hit.  i am hoping to be able to share  this stuff with you.
So I am a mom of 1 toddler and 3 furry babies, i love them all dearly, i have a wonderful boyfriend and he so much help to me.  He has held me up through loosing my mom in august of this year.  He is wonderful and my  saw that and I know she is watching us and smiling because she knew i was ok.

First Entry

Welcome to my blog  i hope you enjoy.  i hope to share a few of my ideas and happenings in my life here.